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Maui Alarm Systems, LLC

Lowest Prices, No Contract, No Hidden Charges

Maui Alarm Systems is an entirely locally owned company providing security solutions for homes, and businesses across the Valley Isle. Our goal is security & safety, not money. That’s why we must earn your business every month! Our default option is to not lock you into a contract for a set term of monitoring services, if you want to cancel… you can cancel right away!

Our Rating


We are honored and grateful to have earned so many of our customers gratitude and appreciation in the form of reviews, we have yet to receive anything under 5 stars (Perfect) on any review platform!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Another company offered me an entire alarm system for a really low rate! Why should I go with Maui Alarm?

A: Typically, there is a catch with this upfront low fee. A 60 month contract at over $50.00 a month, which will run you over $3,000.00 over the course of the contract, and CANNOT be cancelled until that contract ends, or you pay the remaining balance.

Q: Why does Maui Alarm Systems not contract its customers?

A: We strongly believe in earning our customers business, which is why we refuse to lock any of our customers into contract as our initial option to the client. Other companies don’t have to earn your business as you’re locked in to that bill, why would they show up for maintenance or other service calls?

Q: What happens if I don’t pay my monitoring bill while under contract with another company?

A: Other companies will typically sell your debt under that contract to a collections agency, which will lead to numerous calls, mail, and emails trying to secure a $3000.00 debt, most people can’t afford this unexpected expense, and when they can’t pay their credit takes a serious hit.

Q: How fast is your monitoring response time?

A: Our monitoring center has two facilities that ensure your signal is received and responded to, our average response time is 7 seconds!

Q: How much is monitoring a month?

A: Our monitoring rate is $49.95 a month for alarm services and $59.95 a month for alarm + video services. Remember this is cancel anytime and has no time based obligation!

Q: How much is an alarm system from you guys?

A: An average system can run anywhere from $300.00-$1,500.00 it just depends on the level of security you require. 

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